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What Your Neighbors Say About Us:

"I just wanted to thank you all for the great work you guys did on our heating and AC unit.  I have to admit, I had a little sticker shock when I first saw your bid, especially compared to the several others I received.  I took a bid for about half the price (over the phone, from contractors too lazy to come out), so when I saw the price tag from Rare, I was a little surprised.
I appreciated all the extra time you took to measure room and window sizes and calculate duct and air flow for each room.  The results have been quite satisfying, to say the least.  To start with our PG&E bill is down each month, campared with previous years' bills, sometimes as much as 100%.  And the house has actually been comfortable - in the past we had to keep it cold in the winter and hot in the summer and still paid incredible PG&E bills.  I am also getting ready to add 500 square feet without having to add another unit, something every other contractor told me I would have to do."
—Justin Butchert, Clovis CA 
"My husband and I ordered the most efficient Trane air conditioning and heating system for my sister's home in Coalinga, CA from another company in Fresno, and was assured by their salesman it would be the best.  The system they installed simply didn't cool the house any cooler than 82 degrees even after many service calls.  My sister finally called Gary Richardson of Rare Service Heating & Air conditioning (also of Fresno) to check her system.  There were so many things wrong that the only thing he could do was remove the entire system and install an entirely new system.  His work was absolutely first class and my sister was thrilled with it."
 —Marilyn Doe, Coaling CA
"Gary Richardson is an expert in his field & is very capable when it comes to diagnosing & troubleshooting - he saved my life when I was getting carbon monoxide poising from my unit."
 —Phil SanSebastian, Fresno CA
"Called the company I used before and had a service agreement with.  My air conditioning was not working and it was over 100 degrees.  They did not respond.  I called Rare Service and they came out immediately.  The job was done in a timely and professional manner.  I use Rare Service for my HVAC needs now.  I cancelled the contract with the other vendor."
—Sally Pivnick, Clovis CA
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